Policies & Regulations

Library Policies & Regulations 

It is stated in the Student Charter that each student in the University will be treated as an adult and, as such, is expected to behave in a responsible adult manner, respecting the rights of others. This, of course, also applies in the Library and the following regulations aim to ensure that the Library is a comfortable environment for all, which is conducive to study. 

  • You must hold a current University staff/student ID card to enter the Library, use the facilities and to borrow Library materials. This card must be produced if requested by a member of Library staff. 
  • There are designated group study, quiet study and silent study areas in the Library. Noise levels are self-monitoring,for example if a user is talking in the silent study area, then it is up to the users who have been disturbed to ask that user to move to a group study area. Anyone who continues to disturb others can be asked to leave the Library. 
  • There must be no eating or drinking (apart from water in pull-up top bottles) in the Library. 
  • Talking on mobile phones, or phones ringing in the Library, is strictly forbidden. They must be set to silent mode. There is an on-the-spot fine of €5 if a mobile rings or if a student is talking on their mobile. 
  • If you wish to borrow from the Library, you must bring the item and your ID card to the Issue Desk, or use the self-service system. The self-service system can also be used to return books. There is a security system in operation in the Library, so before leaving, ensure that all items have been checked out properly, otherwise a fine of €5 will be imposed. 
  • Users have full responsibility for all Library materials borrowed on their ID card. 
  • An item must be returned immediately if recalled by the Librarian. Failure to return Library materials will initially result in a fine, then suspension of borrowing rights and the replacement cost of the materials being incurred by the user. 
  • Items may be renewed for a further borrowing period if not required by another user. Renewals can be done online via a user library account, but must be done in advance of the item becoming overdue.
  • No renewals are allowed on overdue items, and no further items may be borrowed while items are overdue.
  • Theft or the defacing of Library property is a serious offence and will be dealt with in the strictest possible manner. 
  • External users of the Library must first consult with the Librarian for details of membership. 
  • It is most important to comply with Copyright regulations. Please observe notices at all photocopiers. 
  • WiFi access is available to all students of the University, however anyone found to be abusing this facility for example accessing inappropriate sites, will have their access denied. 
  • All e-mail correspondence from the Library is to student e-mail accounts (Example: B00000000@mytudublin.ie). There is no correspondence to any other e-mail address. It is students’ responsibility to check their student e-mail regularly.
  • Library users who breach any of the above regulations will be liable to awithdrawal of services and other disciplinary measures.