TU Dublin Library subscribes to thousands of ebooks and texbooks online.

This section will get you started with searching and browsing the collections.

1. Search for eBooks in the Library Catalogue  --  watch a short 'How To' video
  • Go to the advanced search screen.
  • Scroll down and select "material type"
  • Select "Ebook" from the list
  • If you know the title of the book you are looking for, enter the title or author surname into the first search box. If you don't have a specific title and wish to browse for books on a specific subject, enter the subject.
  • Click "Submit"
  • From the results list, select the title you want to access
  • Select "Connect to" link. This will take you to the publisher's website
2. Find eBooks in Search All  --  watch a short 'How To' video
3. Browse the Publishers' eBook page -- see the publisher links below.

You can read the eBook online, download specific chapters (within copyright rules) or “borrow” the book for a short period of time. Download options may differ depending on licensing agreements with the publishers.

To acccess ebooks off campus you will be required to authenticate using your Student/Staff Number and MyLibrary PIN or your TU Dublin email passwords.

The following publishers/vendors require you to register for a free account with them before you can access their titles off campus.  Login with your TU Dublin email passwords and create your personal account.  For more help with this watch a short 'How to' video 

See also the Guide to Off Campus Access to Library eResources

Q. Where can I find eBooks? 

A. You can search for and access our subscribed ebooks in a number of different locations: via the Library Catalogue, via Search All, and directly via the publishers' pages listed below.

Q. Do I need a login to access eBooks? 

A. You don't need a login to access the majority of eBooks on campus.  However access to ebooks off-campus requires you to authenticate using your TU Dublin login credentials. Depending on the title you wish to access, when prompted you should login one of two ways - using either your Student/Staff Number and MyLibrary PIN or your TU Dublin email passwords. 

Q. I can't locate a title on my reading list as an eBook. What are my options?

A. You can contact your home library and the librarians will look into the availability of the title as an eBook for you. 

The answers below have been provided by our eBook vendor Proquest:

Q. Can I automatically renew an ebook after the initial loan period or do I have to "release" the book first and reborrow?

A. Once an ebook expires for a patron they will have to access it again for availability as they do not automatically renew.

Q. If users download individual chapters does that count as "borrowing" the whole book & thus use up a user access licence? 

A. This depends on the licence model of the book.