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Dublin is a vibrant and busy destination. However, it is a relatively small city so student accommodation is in demand. If you’re from outside Dublin one of the things you will need to consider is to find somewhere to live and we have some tips to help make the process a little easier.

General Advice for Students for 2021/2022

Owing to the impact of the Covid 19 virus, choosing accommodation to suit individual needs is important. Student Hubs are the ideal choice of accommodation, especially for international students and those wishing to reside in Dublin full time. Host family accommodation is ideal for those on a budget and those who don’t need to stay in Dublin all week. Please check our website regularly for updates and advice on accommodation.

Talk to our StudentPad Experts

A lot of students don’t know Dublin well, so we advise the first thing they should do is check out TU Dublin StudentPad here, this will help them to find out the best locations for their campus. Our campuses are spread throughout Dublin in Blanchardstown, Tallaght and the City Centre, so travel is normally cheaper and easier if you choose an area that is closer to your particular location. For example, on the northside of the city,the suburbs of Cabra or Phibsborough are closer to Bolton Street or Grangegorman. We also suggest the use of Google maps to calculate the best or cheapest routes.

Live with a Host Family

Host family accommodation is where homeowners let out a room in their home to students for the duration of their studies. This is ideal for first year students, those on a budget and students who do not need to reside in Dublin full time. Host family is available on a five and seven day basis and now, many homeowners are offering accommodation for fewer than five nights, to facilitate a reduced timetable.

Host family spaces average €140 per five day week, and students pay rent for fewer weeks than in student accommodation. Of all the accommodation options, this is the most economical, and offers the most flexibility. Bills are included in the cost, and many hosts provide optional extras such as a light breakfast and evening meal. In addition, students can opt for a five day rental agreement if they plan to return home for the weekend. Rent in host family accommodation is typically paid for 25-30 weeks over the academic year, where as in campus style student accommodation the rent is typically paid for 40 weeks. Host families advertise on Student Pad here.

Staying in a Student Hub

If you like to be close to the action, campus style accommodation may be the option for you. TU Dublin has block booked bed spaces with some external providers of campus style accommodation. You can find more information here.

Private Rented Accommodation

You might prefer to live in a shared property with friends, and the best place to search for this type of housing is on When you find a suitable property, make sure you get your property owner to confirm, in writing, the length of your lease, the conditions you must meet to get your deposit back, who to contact if anything goes wrong and how much notice they need before you leave the property. Make sure you get a receipt for all money paid, avoid paying in cash, and when you move in take photos of any damage so you don’t get charged for it when you leave.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can advise you on the most suitable accommodation for your needs and assist with any detailed advice you may need. We cannot make a booking on your behalf but we aim to provide you with all of information necessary for you to make an informed decision on where to live. We primarily recommend two types of accommodation: host family or a student hub.

‘Student Hub’ refers to purpose built campus style accommodation which a student rents for a single semester or the full academic year. Each complex has its own layout and generally offers both single and twin rooms with shared kitchen and living spaces. Most residences provide 24-hour security which will allow you to live independently in a well-managed and safe environment. These accommodation hubs are ideal for international students and those wishing to live in Dublin full-time. Contact the accommodation providers for further information.

No. However, there are five purpose-built accommodation hubs available to TU Dublin students at discounted rates.  These are located throughout the city centre and are within commuting or walking distance to all of our campuses.

The TU Dublin Accommodation website provides links to all of the StudentHub accommodation providers’ websites with information and advice on how to available of exclusive discounts for TU Dublin students.

Host families rent a room in their home to students. This is often the most economical and flexible option.  The family may offer five or seven-day accommodation but this year they may take booking for a shorter week.  You will typically pay for up to 30 weeks accommodation over the academic year.  Rent averages at approximately €140 per week and utility bills are included in the cost.  Many host families provide optional extras such as a light breakfast and evening meal.

Students can search for Host Family accommodation on TU Dublin Studentpad, an online resource where Host Families can advertise their accommodation. Students can enquire about accommodation offering directly with the Host Family and organise a viewing at their leisure.

  • This year, the student hub accommodation providers have made provisions for up to 2 weeks of quarantine upon arrival for those who are required to and all of these providers have implemented all necessary restrictions and government advice. Specific information, provider by provider, can be found on their respective websites.

  • Our Host Family and student hub or host family accommodation providers, we have also offered shorter weeks, with some providers offering stays of 3-nights up to 5-nights a week depending on the tenant’s requirements. When enquiring with StudentHub or Host Family accommodation providers I would encourage students to let the provider know what you need in regard to this and they will accommodate you as best they can.
  • If you are an international student and plan to live with a host family, make sure that you ask the homeowner for their plan should the household be impacted by Covid-19.  In addition, you should observe the public health restrictions and comply with the government requirements: COVID-19 Travel Advice . See also information for international students on Covid-19 and studying in Ireland.
  • This is the norm. Most student hub and host family accommodation providers require a deposit to be paid ahead of arrival. The various student hub providers' websites provide specific information regarding this. Host Family providers include deposit details on their advertisements on StudentPad.
  • Once students have registered and can provide a rental agreement, they will be eligible to apply to the Rent Assistance Fund. You can find more information on this on the Financial Aid website.
  • Yes, if they meet the criteria for the rental assistance fund. However, International/non-EU fee paying students are not eligible for this funding.