CAO Related Courses

Programme CodeProgramme Title LevelLocation
TU704 Civil Engineering 7 Bolton Street
TU703 Building Engineering 7 Bolton Street
TU706 Electrical Services Engineering 7 Bolton Street
TU717 Mechanical Engineering 7 Bolton Street
TU813 Automation Engineering 8 Tallaght
TU701 Automation Engineering 7 Bolton Street
TU720 Automotive Management and Technology 7 Bolton Street
TU721 Aviation Technology 7 Bolton Street
TU702 Biomedical Design 7 Tallaght
TU801 Biomedical Design 8 Tallaght
TU602 Computer Engineering 6 Blanchardstown
TU713 Computer Engineering 7 Blanchardstown
TU723 Computer Engineering 7 Blanchardstown
TU807 Computer Engineering in Mobile Systems 8 Blanchardstown
TU816 Computer Engineering in Mobile Systems 8 Blanchardstown
TU719 Design, Technology and Innovation 7 Blanchardstown
TU812 Design, Technology and Innovation 8 Blanchardstown
TU705 Electrical and Control Engineering 7 Grangegorman
TU802 Electrical Services and Energy Management 8 Grangegorman
TU803 Electronic Engineering 8 Tallaght
TU707 Electronic Engineering 7 Tallaght
TU601 Electronic Engineering (Follow-on degree options in Electronic Engineering or Engineering Software) 6 Tallaght
TU714 Electronics and Communications Engineering 7 Grangegorman
TU708 Engineering (Common Entry with Award options: Computer Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering) 7 Blanchardstown
TU804 Engineering (Common Entry with Award options: Computer Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering) 8 Blanchardstown
TU709 Engineering (General Entry) - Option to pursue 1st year Level 8 Engineering (General Entry) or 2nd year Engineering Degree streams in the following: Engineering Reliability Management, Mechanical, Automation, Electronics/Communications, Civil, Electronic 7 Bolton St/Grangegorman
TU805 Engineering (General Entry) - Options : Building, Civil, Computer/Communications, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical/Electronic & Manufacturing/Design 8 Bolton St/Grangegorman
TU710 Engineering Reliability Management 7 Bolton Street
TU715 Engineering Software 7 Tallaght
TU808 Engineering Software 8 Tallaght
TU603 Mechanical Engineering 6 Tallaght
TU718 Mechanical Engineering 7 Tallaght
TU809 Mechanical Engineering 8 Tallaght
TU711 Mechatronic Engineering 7 Blanchardstown
TU810 Mechatronic Engineering 8 Blanchardstown
TU815 Mechatronic Engineering 8 Blanchardstown
TU716 Networking Technology 7 Grangegorman
TU722 Process Instrumentation and Automation [Learn and Work] 7 Blanchardstown
TU811 Product Design 8 Bolton Street / Grangegorman / Aungier Street
TU712 Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering 7 Tallaght
TU806 Sustainable Energy Engineering 8 Tallaght
TU814 Transport Operations and Technology 8 Bolton Street
TU821 Electrical & Electronic / Computer & Communications Engineering 8 Kevin St/Grangegorman