Sciences & Health

CAO Related Courses

Programme CodeProgramme Title LevelLocation
TU851 Analytical Chemistry (Environmental Forensic and Pharmaceutical) 8 Grangegorman
TU651 Applied Biology 6 Tallaght
TU760 Bioanalysis 7 Tallaght
TU866 Biomedical and Molecular Diagnostics 8 Grangegorman
TU867 Biomedical Science 8 Grangegorman
TU751 Biosciences 7 Grangegorman
TU852 Chemical Sciences with Medicinal Chemistry 8 Grangegorman
TU868 Clinical Measurement Science 8 Grangegorman
TU752 DNA and Forensic Analysis 7 Tallaght
TU864 DNA and Forensic Analysis 8 Tallaght
TU869 Environmental Health 8 Grangegorman
TU881 Food Innovation 8 Grangegorman
TU645 Food Science and Management 6 Grangegorman
TU870 Human Nutrition and Dietetics 8 Grangegorman
TU754 Industrial and Environmental Physics 7 Grangegorman
TU762 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences 7 Grangegorman
TU882 Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition 8 Grangegorman
TU761 Ophthalmic Dispensing 7 Grangegorman
TU871 Optometry 8 Grangegorman
TU875 Pharmaceutical Healthcare 8 Grangegorman
TU763 Pharmaceutical Science 7 Tallaght
TU876 Pharmaceutical Science 8 Tallaght
TU654 Pharmacy Technician Studies 6 Grangegorman
TU877 Physics Technology 8 Grangegorman
TU880 Physics with Data Science 8 Grangegorman
TU878 Physics with Energy and Environment 8 Grangegorman
TU879 Physics with Medical Physics and Bioengineering 8 Grangegorman
TU872 Public Health Nutrition 8 Grangegorman
TU755 Science (General Entry) Option to pursue Science Degree streams in any of the following: Biosciences, Industrial/Environmental Physics, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences 7 Grangegorman
TU854 Science (General Entry) 8 Grangegorman
TU855 Science with Nanotechnology 8 Grangegorman