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The Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU) is an interdisciplinary research unit located within the Centre for Social and Educational Research (CSER). As the only research group in Ireland looking at questions of strategic and policy concern to the future of higher education in Ireland, HEPRU has established a strong international reputation for comparative policy research and analysis, and higher education assessment and evaluation.ellen hazelkorn book title

HEPRU is an international partner in the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), based in the Institute of Education, University College London. CGHE is the largest unit in the world dedicated to researching higher education, with three broad research programmes, based on global, national and local perspectives on higher education. HEPRU's focus within CGHE is the global governance of higher education, and Ellen Hazelkorn is a founding member of CGHE, and a member of the Advisory Board and Management Committee.

HEPRU works closely with international and higher education organizations (e.g. the OECD, UNESCO, International Association of Universities (IAU), European University Association (EUA), European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU), and Higher Education Authority of Ireland (HEA), in addition to national governments and higher education institutions (HEIs) in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jamaica, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the UAE, and private foundations.

HEPRU has three books out in the coming months: The Impact and Future of Arts and Humanities Research (Palgrave, due October 2016), The Civic University: The Policy and Leadership Challenges (Edward Elgar, due December 2016), and Global Rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education (Routledge, due early 2017).

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The Impact and Future of Arts and Humanities Research, by Paul Benneworth, Magnus Gulbrandsen, and Ellen Hazelkorn (with a chapter cowritten by Andrew Gibson and Ellen Hazelkorn), published November 2016.

The Civic University: Policy and Leadership Challenges, edited by John Goddard, Ellen Hazelkorn, Lousie Kempton, and Paul Vallance, due for publication later in the year.

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HEPRU provides opportunities for postgraduate studies by research leading to a Masters or PhD, and welcomes international scholars.