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Knowledge Management and the Nature of University-Industry Relationships

Little empirical research in knowledge management (KM) literature has been published on processual dynamics facilitating effective knowledge transfer within and between organisations. One reason for this is that KM is dominated by a knowledge transfer research agenda, which brings with it specific theoretical and methodological assumptions linked to measuring explicit transfer as discrete events. This research addresses this gap by considering knowledge transfer as a process rather than as a discrete event. The STEM field, involving university-industry collaborations (UIC), provides the context for this study. The UIC literature highlights a lack of research on the effectiveness of these important collaborations where explicit knowledge is transferred to industry and society. By adopting a process theory approach, alternative theoretical and methodological frameworks are used to reveal a more fine-grained processual understanding of the dynamics facilitating effective transfer of tacit knowledge. This processual approach can be used to trace emerging tacit knowledge as it unfolds within university-industry dialogical exchanges. In so doing this research contributes to our understanding of how transfer enables innovation and knowledge creating. This overlooked account prompts us to ask what are the processual dynamics that facilitate effective university-to-industry knowledge transfer?

2.1 in Business management or equivalent discipline.

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