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Optimizing market regulation and its enforcement

The debate on whether markets are effectively regulated is revived after each major event suggesting market failure, and in particular after each financial crisis. Normative economic theories of regulation postulate that regulation agencies should provide a structure which improves economic efficiency. However, when regulation does not achieve efficiency, the Government’s tools are seen as decreasing market’s efficiency. Some of the sectors in which these inefficiencies cause the largest impact on consumer’s welfare are the banking sector, pharmaceutical and energy and several examples can be found in recent years.

This project will examine potential problems and assess scope for improvement in the regulatory environment of these crucial sectors. The analysis will allow drawing policy recommendations for improvements in these sectors’ regulatory environments.

A 2.1 level 8 honour degree or higher in a relevant degree

Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs
not significant

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Dr Catarina Marvão

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