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PhD Studentship in VR, Audio, Animation, Interactions

Virtual characters have been central components to digital applications such as movies and games for many years. More recently, interaction with these characters has provided increased engagement and opportunities for immersion for players in a social context. Today, Augmented and Virtual Reality applications provide a space for embodied interaction; players/users can be represented by a virtual avatar, and exchanges become more engaging. There is general agreement that plausible avatars play a key role in creating VR environments that allow the user to feel high levels of immersion and social presence. However, the requirements of real-time dynamic interactions pose a serious challenge for developers; trying to capture and relay detailed (rich) and reasonably accurate information about one user and their environment to other remote users and vice versa presents a number of complications. Particularly challenging are scenarios where precise movement/interactions are required e.g., communication gestures where turn taking and gesture synchronization is desired, or physical interactions for example playing sport or throwing an object between players.

More information on this opportunity is available at PhD in VR, Audio, Animation, Interactions (PhD_VR_AAI_CEJD) · ADAPT: The Global Centre of Excellence for Digital Content and Media Innovation (adaptcentre.ie)

Minimum qualifications:
2.1 Primary Degree in computer science or equivalent in aligned field
English language requirements for non-native speakers of English is available here: https://www.tudublin.ie/study/international-students/entry-requirements/english-language-requirements/

Preferred qualifications:
Any AR/VR, Animation development experience

Funding Agency: SFI Adapt

Stipend: €18,500 per annum

Duration of funding: 4 years

Materials and fees covered for the duration of the scholarship.

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Dr Cathy Ennis

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Mode of Study

Full Time

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Deadline to Submit Applications

27th January 2023