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Understanding the World Major Economic and Financial Crises

The impact of economic and financial crises to the world economy would be subject to review, analysis and critical discussion. A detailed and in depth literature review would be conducted and supported by appropriate economic, financial and econometric modelling that help explaining how financial and economic crises impact on countries’ real economies. Knowledge and understanding on how crises are triggered and in which way they spread to the real  economy leading towards systemic risk is fundamental, as understanding crises dimension, magnitude and the kind of damage that the cause would help identifying mechanisms that help to minimise their effects. The propose research is significant as it would offer a contribution that would examine patterns exhibited by economies that trigger crises, with the aim of identifying antecedents and analyse how economic and financial instability originates and evolves until becoming a worldwide crises. Crises would be examined with the aim of understanding the impact and damage that they cause. As crises are part of the business cycle they need to be carefully scrutinised, as they are associated with significant disruptions and large contractions on the global economy. Crises lead towards massive losses of wealth that spread to countries real economics creating hardship and distress. Therefore, understanding how the world major economic and financial collapses have impacted on emerging, developing and developed economies is needed to ensure that governments and policy makers are reminded on the need of improving and enhancing our understanding of economic and financial shocks and how they can undermine a country’s economy. The proposed research looks to examine how global economic and financial crises are created, how do they evolve, and in which way governments have handled them. The research output would be relevant as it would offer help to governments and policy makers when developing appropriate policies that assist on minimising, counteracting and managing the economic impact of crises. 

Any discipline would be considered – subject to 2.1 award 

Scholarship not available. Fees & Materials to be paid by the student. Materials costs are not very significant

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Dr Lucia Morales

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