Responsible Research and Innovation

Responsible Research and Innovation

Society is facing many challenges. Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) is a process of research and development that considers scientific enquiry in a wider context — not just from the perspective within the lab, but also from the natural environment and society’s viewpoint. Fundamentally, it is about creating high quality science that is more in the public interest.

TU Dublin supports RRI and the associated idea of focusing research on the ‘grand challenges’ facing society, such as climate change, water shortages and ageing populations. TU Dublin’s research policies embrace ‘Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World’.

Our Open Access Policy for Publications and Data is based on the principle of making research outputs freely available to all and helps to disseminate the results of research quickly and contributes to the breadth and depth of scholarship. Researchers are supported in the process of maximising the impact of their work while ensuring that they are assisted, recognised and rewarded in their practice of open research.

TU Dublin has its own data and publications repositories, Arrow and the Digital Skills & Research Hub has information on how to communicate and publish research and create the most impact.

We promote ethical research and scholarly practice, emphasising integrity and rigour and sustaining a culture in which the principles of honesty, openness and fairness are understood and observed.

We also support gender equality in research including the establishment of gender balanced research teams, encouraging gender balance in decision-making bodies and providing training for researchers on ways to consider the gender dimension in R&I to improve the quality and social relevance of their results.