Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week

Welcome to our online events for Social Justice Week at TU Dublin.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”
– Benjamin Franklin

Giving Back to Charity

As part of Social Justice Week to help charities raise much needed funds a Go Fund Me Page has been set up where people can make donations. Donations can be made via Go Fund Me: Social Justice Week.

Social Justice Week Events

TU Dublin Social Justice Week in a time of Covid. Online events for Social Justice week are taking place from Monday 30th November - Friday 4th December. The events are listed below with the link to join each event.    

Persons with Disabilities Day

National Council for the Blind Q&A
Date: Thursday, 3rd December
Time: 10:00
Join the Q&A event here.

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Conversation with Matthew Groarke

Susan Jones, Chaplain (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) and Matthew Groarke, Computing student (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) discuss Matthew’s hidden disability. Matthew has undergone several kidney transplants and they discuss the huge impact that this has had on his life and his studies.

Conversation with Clodagh Roche

Susan Jones, Chaplain (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) and Clodagh Roche, Social Care student (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) discuss Clodagh’s disability. Clodagh's disability can be hidden from some if she leaves her hair down and people can't see her hearing aids. She has an audial disability.

Conversation with Lorna Brown

Susan Jones, Chaplain (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) and Lorna Brown, Early Childhood Education student (TU Dublin Blanchardstown) discuss Lorna’s disability. Lorna lives with Cerebral Palsy which affects her mobility and how her brain works. This can bring extra stress when trying to process information from lectures. Lorna is full of life which she endeavours to live to the full.