Phase 4 and Phase 6 Craft Apprenticeship Exams

Phase 4 and Phase 6 Craft Apprenticeship Exams

TU Dublin is proud to educate approximately one-third of all the apprentice students in Ireland.

While TU Dublin are significantly involved, in the educational aspect of apprenticeship, we do not administer the scheme and therefore you cannot apply directly to TU Dublin for an apprenticeship.

If you are interested in taking up an apprenticeship you will need to find a suitable employer to take you on. You can find out more about how the apprenticeship works and the various types available at

The Access to Apprenticeship (ATA) Programme is being delivered by TU Dublin's College of Engineering and Built Environment.

Access to Apprenticeship aims to support the transition of young people (16-24 years old) from disadvantaged backgrounds into an apprenticeship scheme. It is a 12-week full time programme.

View more information on the Access to Apprenticeship website.