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Some general entry qualifications for the apprenticeship:

  • Applicant must be employed by a SOLAS approved employer within the Telecommunications sector
  • Applicant must hold a Leaving Certificate with a minimum of Grade O6/H7 or better in 5 subjects in the Leaving Certificate including English or Irish and Mathematics. 
  • A Pass in Foundation Level Irish (F3) is acceptable for this course.
  • Alternatively an applicant can hold a level of qualification which is deemed equivalent to the requirements in the Leaving Certificate
  • The company will employ the apprentice and offer the contract of employment.  An apprentice cannot attend the off-the-job sessions at TUDublin without being first employed by a registered employer.
  • Apprentices from a registered employer must complete a statutory apprenticeship registration with SOLAS.  In conjunction with the Authorised Officer, the Employer and Apprentice must complete the ‘Apprentice Registration Form’.  The apprentice will receive written confirmation of their registration within 28 days along with arrangements for a mandatory apprenticeship briefing session.
  • The apprentices will be employed by the employer for the duration of the programme.
  • The apprenticeship in Telecommunications and Data Network Engineering involves a 24 month apprenticeship contract with an employer which incorporates both on-the-job and off-the-job elements.  Over the lifetime of the apprenticeship a total of eight blocks, each of two weeks duration, will be spent attending class and practical laboratories at TU Dublin.  In addition during the on-the-job elements a significant period of time will be spent in the form of work based learning with the employer in order to complete the Programme modules.
  • The eight “off-the-job” blocks incorporated within the apprenticeship require full-time attendance (Monday to Friday) at TUDublin for duration of two weeks on each occasion. There are no accommodation or travel allowances paid for this apprenticeship. 

What is the Apprenticeship in Telecommunications and Data Network Technician?
This Apprenticeship Programme is one of the primary tools that the telecommunications industry will use to address the clear need for trained technicians in the field. The Programme will support employers from the ICT sector by providing a structure for the training of Technicians over a period of two years.

At the completion of the new Apprenticeship Programme, the apprentice will receive a QQI accredited Higher Certificate in Telecommunications and Data Network Engineering which will be a nationally recognised qualification.  This award will ensure that the holder has proficiency as a Field Technician in the discipline. The programme will be delivered over two years, involving both off-the-job and on-the-job phases, developing subject matter expertise and investigating industry-wide standards.

Who is the programme suited to?
People seeking skilled employment often face a challenge that relevant work experience is a prerequisite for many jobs. But for many people, including school leavers, it is difficult to gain the required experience without being in the workplace. An apprenticeship offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for entry or advancement into a particular skilled career field.  This two-year programme was developed in collaboration with the telecommunications industry and is designed to take a low skills entry level position to full occupational proficiency.  

The telecommunications industry currently has an overarching need for technicians and this programme will help satisfy the need for the availability of highly skilled technical employees for on-going network deployment projects.


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Higher Certificate in Telecommunications and Data Network Engineering

Awarding Body

QQI Accredited


Over the lifetime of the apprenticeship a total of eight blocks (2 weeks each)

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Fees (EU)

The employer will contribute an annual fee of €750 towards the academic programme costs. 


24 month apprenticeship contract with an employer  a total of eight blocks, each of two weeks duration, will be spent attending class and practical laboratories at TU Dublin. 

Commencement Date

28th January

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