Students on campus

Becoming an Agent

Thanks for your interest in becoming a student recruitment agent for TU Dublin. We welcome applications from individuals or companies to work with and represent TU Dublin around the globe. To meet our requirements you will need;

  • A track record in counselling students to study overseas and preferably Ireland
  • Certification to a recognised standard such as ICEF-IEAC or proof that you have worked in this role with another university for 12 months prior to application

You need to complete the application form and submit supporting documentation to, where staff will review the application and make a decision. When selecting referees please ensure that you know them well as this is what will delay or slow down the process. Please read the Agent Application Process document before completing the online application.

You can review the draft Agent Contract, which is identical for all agents, as required by Public Procurement Regulations. We will not amend the contract to suit a particular agent. It is important to read this, in particular the Code of Conduct, which is legally binding prior to making an application to familiarise yourself with the contractual obligations. We endeavour to operate to the highest ethical standards and we expect our agents to do so.

Once we sign a contract, you will be given a key contact who will act as your relationship manager. While staff have a particular regional focus for larger agencies with multiple geographic bases, we will assign one of the team to liaise with a key contact in your headquarters. They will be responsible for providing training to you and your staff. They will agree a schedule of meetings and activities with you to support our joint recruitment efforts.