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Postgraduate entry requirements

The following documents are required for each application:

  • Up to Date Passport
  • Grading Scale
  • Degree / Date of Completion (Both Original Language & Translated)
  • Transcripts for each year of study (Both Original Language & Translated)
  • Proof of English Proficiency / Date of Exam
  • Up to Date Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (Some helpful tips for writing a personal statement/SOP to support your application for this course are listed below) 
    • We suggest you include some or all of the following points:
    • Your statement should be approximately 500 words
    • Your reasons for choosing the course
    • What interests you about your chosen subject
    • Any job, work experience, placement or voluntary work you have done, particularly if it is relevant to your subject. You may want to include the skills and experience you have gained from these activities
    • How your programme choice fits with your future career plans
    • Your social, sports or leisure interests
    • Why you wish to study in TU Dublin.
    • What evidence you have to show that you can complete a higher education course that is taught in English.
    • Please say if some of your studies have been assessed in English.

At TU Dublin, your entry requirements reward academic achievement as well as taking into account your individual circumstances.  As we receive applications from all over the world, and each country sits different exams, it means that each application is given individual attention.

Please note these are general guidelines. Meeting minimum entry requirements does not guarantee entry to any course. Actual requirements will vary depending on your chosen course of study. Please refer to the individual programme page for detailed entry requirements.

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