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Undergraduate entry requirements

At TU Dublin, your entry requirements reward academic achievement as well as taking into account your individual circumstances.  As we receive applications from all over the world, and each country sits different exams, it means that each application is given individual attention.

Please note these are general guidelines. Meeting minimum entry requirements does not guarantee entry to any course. Actual requirements will vary depending on your chosen course of study. Please refer to the individual programme page for detailed entry requirements.

Undergraduate Programme Entry Requirements:

The most popular exams that we receive are outlined below :

International Baccalaureate

If you have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma, you can apply for all courses in TU Dublin.

Pass Mark: 4 at standard level where OD3 is required. Minimum Entry Requirements/Matriculation Proof of English proficiency is required in all cases. There may also be specific subject requirements for courses.

Level 8 3 Honours Requirement Overall IB Score of 24 which must include 3 Subjects at Grade 5 at Higher Level and 3 Subjects at Grade 4 at Standard Level
2 Honours Requirement Overall IB Score of 24 and Award of Diploma  
Level 7/6 Overall IB Score of 24 and Award of Diploma  


Sample Subject Grades:
O6 4 at Standard Level
H6/O3 4 at Higher Level, 6 at Standard Level
H5 5 at Higher Level
H4 5 at Higher Level
H3 6 at Higher Level
H2 6 at Higher Level


N.B. For Mathematics requirements, Mathematical Studies is NOT acceptable (although it can be used as a subject to meet general matriculation requirements of passes in 6 subjects). Where Mathematical Studies is presented, a Leaving Certificate grade or GCSE may be used to meet specific mathematics requirements for entry (but not as a 6th matric subject).

Guideline Indicative Equivalence with Irish Leaving Certificate Points
As a guideline it is anticipated that points will be awarded as follows based on the overall IB score assuming sufficient recognised subjects are presented

45 600
42 560
36 480
30 400
27 360
24 320

IB points ÷ 45 × 600 (N.B. only results taken at a single sitting will be included for scoring).

Bonus Points for Maths (International Baccalaureate)
25 additional points will be awarded for a grade 4 or better on higher level Mathematics ONLY. The bonus points will only be relevant where that subject is scored as one of the applicant’s best four subjects for point purposes.

Recognised School-Leaving Qualification(s) Level 6/7 only
the following qualifications may be recognised for admission to Level 6/7 courses in related areas only. They will be scored to a maximum of 400 points:

  • International Baccalaureate Career-related Certificate

The matriculation and English language requirements are the minimum and will be higher for certain courses and in certain institutions. Applicants must also refer to HEI websites for details of specific subject requirements and previous points requirements.

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