Pre-Departure and Arrival 2020-21

Welcome to TU Dublin

This is an exciting time as you prepare to travel to Dublin and we look forward to welcoming you.

The safety of students and staff is our key priority, so we are asking our new and returning international students to work with us to ensure we follow Irish public health guidelines to keep our campuses safe.

We hope this information is useful as you prepare to join TU Dublin.

NEW Pre-Departure Testing Requirements :

Effective from 16 January 2021, all passengers arriving into Ireland (except those arriving from Northern Ireland) are required to have a negative or ‘not detected’ result from a pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR test that was carried out no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Ireland. This is a mandatory requirement.  See Pre-Departure Testing information

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you MUST NOT travel.

We ask that you monitor your health for signs of COVID-19 here for the 14 days before travelling. Please download this form onto your phone/tablet/computer and complete it every day.

To speed things up, please have the following documentation with you when you arrive in Dublin:

  • Passport/Visa if applicable
  • Your TU Dublin letter of offer and receipt of payment of fees (New Non EU Students Only)
  • Your medical insurance certificate (All Non EU students)
  • Your TU Dublin letter stating you are required to attend lectures in Dublin this semester (Non EU Students) or your TU Dublin Erasmus/Exchange letter (EU students)
  • Your European Health Insurance Card and other insurance documents (EU Students only)

Please complete this form a maximum of 5 days before you travel so we can organize for your collection from the airport.


We want you to arrive safely to Dublin, so while travelling to Dublin remember to:

  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible, especially when moving through airports.
  • Avoid direct contact with people.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently.
  • Wear a face-covering/mask at all times in Airports, and during your flight,
  • You are advised to carry several disposable masks for your journey and don’t forget to dispose of  your used masks appropriately.

If you feel unwell while travelling inform your Airline/Airline Crew immediately.

For entry into Ireland, you must complete an Irish Government Passenger Locator Form. This is a legal requirement, and failure to do so may result in fines up to €2,500.

TU Dublin has arranged a FREE Transport Service for you. The use of our official transport service is mandatory. You MUST NOT use any form of Public Transport from the airport to your accommodation.

Our official transport service is in place to ensure contact tracing is possible for all new arrivals.


  • Always wear a mask/face covering at the airport and during your transfer to your accommodation.
  • Clear Immigration.
  • Collect your baggage and clear customs
    Terminal 1 Arrivals
    Exit the Terminal Building on the ground floor and cross the road to the next building. Inside this building, you will see Wrights Food Fare. Your driver will collect you from here.
    If you have any problems call 01-473-1122
    Terminal 2 Arrivals
    Exit the terminal through the glass tunnel towards the car park. Your driver will collect you from the area beside the car rental companies.
    If you have any problems call 01-473-1122

We strongly advise that you download the Irish COVID 19 Tracker app (this can only be downloaded on arrival in Ireland).

COVID Tracker is a free and easy-to-use mobile phone app that can:

  • Alert you if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus,
  • Advise you on what to do to protect yourself and others,
  • Alert other app users if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for coronavirus

Restricted Movement

Irish Government guidelines require you to restrict your movements for 14 days after arrival in Ireland unless you have travelled from and were resident in a “green list” country for 14 days before travelling to Ireland.  

During your first 14 days in Ireland, you are required to remain at the accommodation you listed on the Passenger Locator Form. The authorities may contact you during this period to verify you are staying at this location.

During the first 14 days in Ireland, you are required to restrict your movements.

To be clear – this is not quarantine

It would be best if you familiarised yourself with the Irish Government's Information regarding restricting your movements

During this time::

  • Do Not attend the University campus - join your classes and activities online,
  • Do Not use public transport,
  • Do Not have visitors to your accommodation and do not visit others.
  • Do Not visit the bank or any other public buildings,
  • Do Not meet face to face with older people, anyone with a long term condition or pregnant women
  • Order your food online or;
  • If necessary, you may visit a pharmacy or shop alone. You must wear a face-covering/mask and socially distance 2 metres from others throughout your visit.
  • Do monitor your symptoms for COVID-19 during the 14 days
  • If you feel unwell, you must immediately contact the Student Health Centre 


Before you travel, you should book your accommodation for the first 14 days To comply with government advice, you must stay in a single room. To meet this requirement, you should remain in the accommodation nominated by TU Dublin

Six purpose-built accommodation hubs are available to TU Dublin students at discounted rates.  There is a variety of accommodation styles available to suit your room preference, budget and campus location. Each complex has a different layout and generally offers both single and twin rooms with shared kitchen and living spaces. Most residences provide 24-hour security which will allow you to live independently in a well-managed and safe environment. 

These accommodation hubs are suitable for international students and those wishing to live in Dublin full-time. Further details can be found here:

Recommended Option for 14 days – Highfield Park & Ardcairn House

When you confirm your travel date, you should book the first two weeks accommodation with the University recommended provider. 

Highfield Park  and Ardcairn House will provide a 14-Day option for international students. There is no obligation to book any longer term  accommodation with this offer; it is a one-off offer of two weeks of appropriate accommodation in a safe and supported environment.

  • The 2-week package is €230 per week or €250 for bedding if you don’t bring your own
  • It allows for restricted movement (as per government guidelines)
  • The provider can order food
  • It is close to Grangegorman Campus and the City Centre
  • The provider offers isolation rooms iif a student has a suspected or confirmed COVID case 

How to Make a Booking?

To make a booking, please email and include the following information: 

  • State that you are TU Dublin International Student
  • Request a 14 day restricted movement booking
  • Date of Arrival (if known at time of booking)
  • Full Name(s)
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Year of study

The accommodation provider will respond and send you a link to complete your booking. They will assist with your booking and with anyspecific requests that you may have.

Highfield Park and Ardcairn House are a 5-minute walk from each other and are managed by the same company, Uninest.

Telephone Contact details for Ardcairn House and Highfield Park: + 353 1 567 8300.

See here for information on all accommodation options.


Details for registering with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services (INIS) for September 2020 will be published here shortly.

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