Module Overview

Laboratory Skills 6 (Chemical Analysis)

The purpose of this module is to facilitate the student in becoming competent in laboratory procedures relating to other modules studied in semester 6

Module Code

LSKI H3008

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*Curricular information is subject to change

3D Organic Chemistry

A series of practical experiments will be provided to teach and demonstrate essential skills in product purifications and analysis, separations and purification of a racemic mixtures, optical purity and asymmetric synthesis

Physical Chemistry 2

A practical course will emphasise accuracy and precision in physical measurement, as well as individual and collaborative experimentation and recording, the latter through multi-part practicals designed to be split up among students but written up as a whole. Practicals will be chosen to compliment the themes of equilibria and kinetics, real versus ideal behaviour, ionic and heterogeneous equilibria, and spectroscopy

Analytical Techniques 2

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Determination of pharmaceuticals and the studey of quenching phenomenon.Atomic absorption Spectroscopy Determination of metals in biological and non biological samples using AA ang graphite furnaceThermoanalytical Techniques NMR and IR Identification of compounds

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100