Module Overview

Market Research

This is an introduction to market research methods.  It covers the broad area of market information, which is used to assist in management decision making.  The module will cover issues such as information sources, the process of research design, research methodologies and concepts. The aim of this module is provide the student with an understanding of the concepts and techniques of market research and its importance in decision making. 

Module Code

MKRT 2025

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Research Design

Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal Research

Planning the research project

Developing researchable problems

Steps in solving problems

Costs of information

Developing the marketing research brief, proposal, schedule and budget


Secondary Research

Types of secondary data

The use of secondary data

Sources of secondary data (Internal and External sources)

Evaluation of the benefits and limitations of secondary data


Primary Research – Qualitative Methods

Classification and evaluation of qualitative research designs

Focus Groups

In-depth Interviews

Ethnography, netnography

Projective Techniques

Qualitative data analysis


Primary Research – Quantitative Methods

Classification and evaluation of research methods

Quantitative data collection methods; survey, observation and experiments

Survey methods; postal, personal, CATI/CAPI


Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire design

Measurement scales, ordinal, nominal, interval and ratio levels

Measurement of attitudes

Reliability and validity issues

Data protection and confidentiality


Field Work and Quality Control

Interviewing techniques

Fieldwork supervision, organisation and control

Data preparation, editing, coding and cleaning


Data Analysis

Quantitative data analysis


Statistical treatment of data

Use of SPSS


Reports and Their Presentation

The written report

The oral report

Visual aids and their use

The module will be delivered using a variety of teaching methods; traditional lectures, workshops, computer lab sessions.  This will also be complemented with a series of case studies and class discussions.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100