Accounting Technicians Ireland / Teicneoirí Cuntasaíochta Éireann

Accounting Technicians Ireland (formerly known as the IATI) is the leading Accounting Technician body in Ireland with over 10,000 members and students. Established in 1983, Accounting Technicians Ireland prides itself on providing an internationally recognised accounting qualification and on promoting the highest educational, technical and ethical standards to its members. Its qualification differs from many other academic programmes as it combines professional exams with practical work experience.

As members of Accounting Technicians Ireland, individuals are entitled to put the letters MIATI after their name, seen by many employers as essential when hiring.
Accounting Technicians enjoy excellent career prospects and there is always a strong demand for their skills in the marketplace. They can work in a wide variety of finance roles for many types of organisations, including manufacturing companies, local and central government, the health service, banks and insurance companies and private accountancy firms.
Self employment is also a possibility for qualified technicians. In addition, many who qualify as Accounting Technicians go on to continue their studies, using the qualification as a stepping stone to eventually becoming professional accountants with one of the other accounting bodies.

A qualified Accounting Technician will be able to:

  • Prepare financial statements.
  • Prepare financial reports and other management information.
  • Compute tax liabilities for companies and for individuals.
  • Set up and manage systems for budgets, stock control, cost accounting, cash reconciliation.
  • Set up and manage credit control procedures.
  • Use computers effectively in a business environment.


The Accounting Technicians Ireland qualification is divided into two parts, each of which is a qualification in its own right.

  • Certificate for Accounting Technicians (1 year)

The Certificate for Accounting Technicians (First Year) offers a progression pathway into the Diploma for Accounting Technicians . Once you successfully complete the first year subjects, you will receive the Certificate for Accounting Technicians award.

  • Diploma for Accounting Technicians (2 years)

For the Diploma you are required to gain experiential learning through two years full time employment (or the equivalent part time). This could be relevant work experience from a previous job or voluntary activity for a group or society. The Diploma qualification is awarded on successful completion of all 8 subjects and two years relevant work experience.

Accounting Technicians work alongside qualified accountants in business, industry, private practice and the public sector. The comprehensive training received means that they can play a wide range of roles in any organisation from accounts clerk to assistant accountant, from credit controller to systems administrator.

Year 1

  • Financial Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Law and Ethics
  • Business Management

Year 2

  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Management Accounting
  • Integrated Accounting Systems
  • Tuesday 6pm-10pm
  • Wednesday 6pm-10pm

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Every first year student must register with Accounting Technicians Ireland and pay a registration fee, in addition to registering at TU Dublin.

First year students may be granted exemptions from certain subjects on the basis of prior achievements. More details of registration and the exemption process may be obtained directly from Accounting Technicians Ireland. Students should note that fees for registration and exemptions apply.

Second year students must pay an annual student subscription to Accounting Technicians Ireland (formerly IATI). No exemptions are granted to second year students.


Accounting Technicians Ireland may be contacted at :

47-49 Pearse Street
Dublin 2
Tel : (01) 649 8100

Email :

Web : www.


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NFQ Level 6 (32 ECTS


Certificate in Accounting Technician


2 years

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Mode of Study

Part Time

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September 2020





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