BIM (Digital Construction)

Level 7 qualification or equivalent in a relevant discipline

Level 6 craft apprenticeship qualification or equivalent in a relevant discipline plus 5 years of relevant experience

The BSc (Hons) in BIM (Digital Construction) is a one-year part-time re-skilling programme which addresses a significant market deficit for construction professionals by providing them with the ability to use BIM technologies in discipline-specific modelling and multidisciplinary coordination contexts. It is intended for graduates of level 7 courses in built environment disciplines and aims to upskill or facilitate a return to employment for individuals who are not yet experienced in the new construction paradigm of co-ordinated BIM. It also enables technicians in a variety of Construction areas to adapt to new skill requirements and to change career direction to take advantage of new opportunities.

The course is set at Level 8 in the National Framework of Qualifications and provides graduates of building and infrastructure design and construction-related programmes with a safe, educational setting in which to develop an ability to use BIM technologies for design, construction and coordination.

There is a strong focus on improving the productivity of the construction sector through better multidisciplinary co-ordination, through digital transformation, and through the application of Lean principles including fully utilising people's talents, skills & knowledge, and reducing waste from defects, overproduction, transportation, motion, over-processing, and unnecessary waiting times. Students undertake a significant amount of learning with discipline-specific colleagues before moving into a multidisciplinary environment to engage in model co-ordination between professionals. This course leads to employment with specialist contractors, general contractors, professional practices, and consultants from multiple disciplines.

The course is structured as follows.

At registration one of four potential streams (10 ECTS) must be selected

  • BIM Architectural Modelling & Review - Semester 1
  • BIM Construction Model Exploitation & Review - Semester 1
  • BIM MEP Modelling & Review - Semester 1
  • BIM Civil & Structural Engineering Modelling & Review - Semester 1

Core modules

  • Digital Construction – Principles and Standards (5 ECTS) - Semester 1
  • BIM Federation & Validation – (10 ECTS) - Semester 1
  • Work-Based Learning at BSc Level - (15 ECTS) - Semester 2
  • Research Methods at BSc Level – (5 ECTS) - Semester 1
  • Dissertation including Agile Project Management ( 15 ETCS). - Semester 2.

Friday afternoons plus 1-2 evenings per week depending on the stream selected; streams are based on discipline groupings

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TU Code



Level 8


Bachelor of Science (Honours)


1 Year

Course Type


Mode of Study

Part Time

Method of Delivery

Classroom, Online

Commencement Date

January 2022


City Centre: Bolton Street