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The minimum entry requirement is as follows:

  • Irish Leaving Certificate in five subjects with at least Grade OD3 or higher on ordinary or higher level subjects or an equivalent qualification.


  • Applicants with an Applied Leaving Certificate and FETAC Level 5 or 6 in any discipline. Applicants may be required to attend for an interview.


  • Mature Applicants (must be 23 years by 1st January of year of application) who meet certain criteria with regard to work and educational experience, hobbies and interests and general suitability. Mature learners may be interviewed.

The proposed CPD Diploma in Butchery Skills Development Stage 1 is a level 6 programme on the (National Framework of Qualifications) NFQ and promotes entry level careers as Butchery practitioners. The requirements of a CPD Diploma programme offer a broad and more general range of skills and knowledge in terms of managing and organising Meat operations.

This programme is designed primarily to enable students to enter the retail meat sector and will allow them to demonstrate abilities in the development, preparation and presentation of meat products in a safe, healthy and nutritious manner. Students will recognise the need for products that are cost effective and efficient in a wide variety of settings (food production, food retail, farmers markets, catering establishments etc.).

This allows the curriculum design to be flexible in meeting the needs of the butchery discipline and includes the domains of knowledge, practice and individual student needs in line with the requirements necessary to run a operate in a retail meat or artisan related food outlet. Figure 1, sets out the possible student progression to a Higher Certificate.

Graduates of this programme may expect to gain employment in one of the following meat trade and meat processing sectors:

Graduates may gain employment in the traditional retail meat trade with the potential of completing a butchery apprenticeship.

Graduates may gain employment in the retail food sector as a supermarket meat operative, with the potential of elevation to charge-hand butcher

Employment may be gained in an SME meat processing operation.

The Farmers market and Artisan meat producer movement has created openings for skilled operatives in meat and food to develop a cooperative relationship with a livestock producer.

Graduates are encouraged to engage in further study on such programmes as the BSc in Culinary Entrepreneurship and other food related programmes within and outside TU Dublin. The school encourages life-long learning and with the modular system students are able to take modules on a part time basis towards a qualification and also be available for work.

  • Carcass and stock evaluation and selection. Quality specifications, preparation for breaking and cutting
  • Beef carcase breaking / Fore quarter cutting, identification of main bone structure, muscle, retail cuts and culinary uses
  • Mutton and Lamb and Pork Cutting, identification of main cuts and culinary uses
  • Bacon cutting. Preparation of bacon and gammon joints, rashers, gammon steaks, and value added meats.
  • Boning, rolling of meat joints, use of twine and skewers. Cutting techniques including slicing, dicing or cubing, and julienne for stir fry.
  • Venison and Game Meat handling, storage and preparation
  • Poultry / Poultry grading: chickens, capons, turkey, duck geese
  • Preparation and use of offal, variety meats
  • Preparation and Cooking of meats.

Students are required to attend college twice a week. 

Part Time App Form TU Dublin PDF or Part Time App Form TU Dublin WORD


Please email the application form to scaft@tudublin.ie or foward to School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology

The proposed programme will increase opportunities for consideration for progression and in particular allow for progression onto the BSc in Culinary Entrepreneurship.





Assessment 1    



Assessment 2






Learning Outcome

Specifically the learning outcomes are aligned to the National Framework of Qualification as follows:



To begin to develop a specialized knowledge across a variety of areas associated with butchery enterprise.



To understand the critical role of food packaging and labelling for food artisan.

Know-how and Skill


Demonstrate an ability to work across product, market and nutrition when producing butchery enterprise.

Know-how and Skill


Demonstrate an ability to organise and plan for entry into butchery enterprise markets and get outside help where required.



To be able to apply clear and creative planning to a broad range of areas within butchery enterprise profession.



To demonstrate problem-solving abilities in the range of issues associated operating a butchery enterprise operation.


Learning to Learn

To learn to act in the variety of different roles when working with butchery enterprise experts.



To have the ability and insight to evaluate quickly problems related to the development of a butchery enterprise business.


TU Code





CPD Diploma


1 Year

Course Type

Short Course, Undergraduate

Mode of Study

Part Time

Method of Delivery

Classroom, Online

Commencement Date

September 2020


City Centre: Grangegorman



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