Electronic Design Engineering / Innealtóireacht Dearaidh Leictreonach

This Programme is a part time Add-On programme to the Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering. Applicants need to hold a Higher Certificate in Electronic Engineering or an equivalent qualification.

The Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Software Programme is designed to provide students with a proficiency in software, particularly with a view to embedded computing systems. Engineering Software graduates from this Programme combine expertise in electronic engineering with advanced knowledge of computer hardware and software. Graduates who have an in-depth background in this rapidly advancing interdisciplinary field are well placed for interesting and rewarding careers at the interface of engineering and computing.

ICT industries are likely to form the main sources of employment for graduates of the Programme. Companies involved in the technology sector need graduates with software skills to work in mobile system development, embedded system design, and computers network engineering.

The Programme focuses on engineering software and the interfacing of engineering and computing. Students develop their design skills using industry standard programming languages, operating systems and applications. In addition to a thorough grounding in modern computer systems and programming, you will also study specialist units on topics such as digital communication systems, and computational intelligence.

The course runs three evening per week over two semesters. Alternatively students may attend for one full day (including evening) each week.

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TU Code



NFQ Level 7


Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Software


2 years

Course Type


Mode of Study

Part Time

Method of Delivery

Classroom, Online

Commencement Date

September 2019




€1290 per year