Accounting and Finance / Cuntasaíocht agus Airgeadas

2020 CAO Points: 285

Minimum Number of





Minimum Grade in


English OR Irish

O6/H7/F2 or higher


Applications from QQI Level 5 and 6 are welcome. Further details at

Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at

Programme Description: This course is designed to meet the needs of learners seeking a highpowered career in accounting and finance. It has a wide scope that will allow you to move into a whole range of careers in accounting firms, industry and the financial sector. This programme will give you a solid grounding in the principles and practices of accounting and finance, from auditing, taxation and financial accounting to management accounting, law and financial risk management.

Work Placement: You have the option of undertaking a 12-week work placement in Year 4, Semester 1.

Professional Accreditation: On graduation, you’ll qualify for generous exemptions from the professional accountancy bodies, including ACA, ACCA, CIMA, ICPAI and CTA.

Postgraduate Study: On graduation you may continue to postgraduate study at TU Dublin or elsewhere. 

IT Requirements

Students on this course will be required to have a medium spec computer/laptop (i.e. able to run Win 10, an AV solution and Office comfortably. Be able to use Wi-fi and camera to attend online classes, use other software such as SPSS, Adobe Connect; e.g. Latitude 5510; Latitude 5410; 

Please search for the TU Dublin offer on the HEA website

  • Training Contracts with ACA and ACCA firms
  • Accountancy Practices
  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Banking
  • Financial Services

Semester 1:

  • Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Economics: Micro Economics
  • Leading Modern Enterprises
  • Skills for Success in Higher Education
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics 1


  • French PLC 1a
  • Spanish - Ab Initio 1a
  • Spanish PLC 1a
  • German - Ab Initio 1a
  • German PLC 1a
  • French ab initio 1a
  • Irish Culture and Society

Semester 2:

  • Fundamentals of Economics: Macro Economics
  • Exploring Modern Enterprises
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics 2
  • Business Information Systems


  • French PLC 1b
  • Spanish – Ab Initio 1b
  • Spanish – PLC 1b
  • German – Ab Initio 1b
  • German – PLC 1b
  • French ab initio 1b
  • Applied Media Studies in Business

You must select one elective, and the same language elective in Semesters 1 and 2.

Semester 1:

  • Introduction to Management & Cost Accounting
  • Human Resource Management 1
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Law


  • French for Business 2a
  • Spanish for Business 2a
  • German for Business 2a
  • European Studies

Semester 2:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Information Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Human Resource Management 2


  • French for Business 2b
  • Spanish for Business 2b
  • German for Business 2b
  • Sustainable Business Practice

*You must select one elective.

Semester 1:

  • Financial Accounting: Preparation & Interpretation of Accounts & Accounting Regulation
  • Management Accounting: Cost Accumulation, Planning & Control
  • Financial Management 1
  • Income Tax & VAT
  • Introduction to Auditing


  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Operations Management
  • German for Business 3a
  • French for Business 3a
  • Spanish for Business 3a

Semester 2:

  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting: Decision Making & Performance Measurement
  • Income Tax & Corporation Tax
  • Intermediate Auditing
  • Computerised Accounting


  • Databases for Businesses
  • German for Business 3b
  • French for Business 3b
  • Spanish for Business 3b

Semester 1:

  • International Accounting Standards
  • Company Law
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Personal Finance
  • Business Ethics


  • Project Management
  • Capital Acquisitions & Capital Gains Tax
  • German for Business 4a
  • French for Business 4a
  • Spanish for Business 4a
  • Work Placement

Semester 2:

  • Group & Company Accounting
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Management 2
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Business Intelligence
  • Global Marketing
  • Process Analysis
  • Advanced Taxation
  • German for Business 4b
  • French for Business 4b
  • Spanish for Business 4b
  • Supply Chain Management
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Level 8


Bachelor of Business (Honours)


4 years

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