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Business (Options) / Gnó Roghanna

Course Title: Bachelor of Business (allowing later specialisation in International Business or Management or Marketing)

2022 CAO Points: All Qualified Applicants (AQA)

Leaving Certificate Requirements:

Leaving Certificate Minimum Number of





Minimum Grade in


English OR Irish



QQI/FET Requirements:

QQI/FET Award Required

Additional Requirements

Any full Level 5 or 6 award None

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Mature Applicants:

Applications from mature students (23+) are welcome. Further details at

On the CAO application, the student applies for TU787 Bachelor of Business. Following entry to TU Dublin, the student decides which area of Business they wish to focus on and transfers to one of the following Level 7 courses:

  •  International Business
  •  Management
  •  Marketing

For the 180 places available, there are 60 places available per course – Management, International Business, Marketing. If you chose the General Entry option, you may not be given your first choice if the course fills all available places.

At TU Dublin we are delighted to offer broad and varied offerings within the field of Business. Many CAO applicants will know exactly what course they want to do, whereas others may be a little unsure what aspect of Business is best for them.

To simplify the application process, we have created one entry route for our Business courses, listed on the CAO as TU787 Business Options

How does it work?

On the CAO the entry route is listed as TU787, with four options to choose from:

For applicants who already know what area of business they would like to study, they can choose from International Business TU787 (INB), Marketing TU787 (MKT) or Management TU787 (MGT). Simply enter the relevant course code on your CAO application and select your preferred option.

Applicants who are unsure what area of Business is best for them should choose General Entry TU787 (GEN). Following acceptance of an offer, students will be invited to attend a detailed orientation which will outline each of the business courses. Students can then make an informed decision on which course to pursue. 

In keeping with our flexible, "ladder based" approach to learning, on completion of a Level 7 Business course, students can progress to study at Level 8.

We invite you to read the detailed explanations of each course, including information on modules, career and progression options on the respective course pages linked above.

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Bachelor of Business


3 years

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Progression Options

Year 4
On the successful completion of year 3, students may proceed to: TU932 - BBUS (Hons) International Business, Management, Marketing.