Culinary Arts (Cuisine and Wellness) / Ealaíona Cócaireachta

Course title: Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts

2021 CAO Points 154

Leaving Cert

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O6/H7 English


F3/06/H7 Irish


Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at

Do you want to pursue a career in the culinary arts sector, and establish a base for further professional career development  with a specialised focus on 'cuisine and wellness'? In this course, you can acquire the practical skills and knowledge that you’ll need as a modern-day professional working in a kitchen environment.

This; unique culinary  course has an embeded focus of:  culinary arts  with 'cuisine and wellness' . It is designed with three main pillars of study and practice:  Culinary Arts, Applied Food Science & Wellness,  Food Culture- technology & learning. It has been developed to meet current trends in the culinary industry and profession, in particular the following modules which are unique Nationally and Internationally:

  • Culinary nutrition( an applied practical-based module) 
  • The Mindful Kitchen- which is the first of its kind in Global culinary education. It has also being recognised by industry and education peers  as a key development in culinary education. 


  • An industry placement of 16 weeks (approx. 400 hours) during and/or following Year 1 (but before starting Year 2) will give you lots of practical, real-world experience.
  • Graduate Job Titles:
    Third year Commis Chef (Pastry)
    Third year Commis Chef (Hot Kitchen)
    Third year Commis Chef (Wellness)
  • Graduate Employers:
    The Merrion Hotel
    Dalata Hotels
    Westin Hotel
    One Pico
    Fallon and Byrne
    St. Vincent’s Hospital
    Sodexo catering
    Baxter Storey catering

Semester 1

  • Critical Skills Development
  • Culinary Operations
  • Culinary Skills
  • Food Safety & Culinary Science
  • Applied Culinary Information Technology
  • Bread & Pastry Techniques


  • The Mindful Kitchen
  • Nutrition
  • Restaurant Service

Semester 3

  • Applied Culinary Science & Food Safety
  • Buffet Presentation
  • Culinary Events Mandatory
  • Food & Beverage Cost Control
  • Global Cuisine Mandatory
  • Classical & Contemporary Desserts

Semester 4

  • Classical & Contemporary Cuisine
  • Culinary Nutrition
  • Gastronomy(HCCArts)
  • Work Based Learning HC

Lee McDonagh, Current Student

TU642 Culinary Arts, Cuisine and Wellness

One big thing I liked about my course was the interaction between the lecturers and the students and how they always had time to help us with any questions we had or if we were struggling with a certain topic. Another thing I liked about doing culinary arts was the diversity of the course as we learned a lot of different things from nutritional analysis, food and beverage costing, theory and technique in both the hot kitchen side of the industry and also the pastry and baking side of the industry.

I am currently a Demi-chef de partie on the pastry section in the Merrion Hotel. During my time there I’ve learned a lot of the sections from the Garden room restaurant, the cellar bar and I’ve also worked on the bakery which is a night shift section learning all about making different types of breads, pastries and other baked goods. My course helped me to prepare for my job by giving me the knowledge and skill and the discipline needed for the job.

The best thing about my time in TU Dublin was winning the Knorr student chef of the year in my final year of college. From winning this I got to go to London with my lecturer who coached me, and got to eat in a two Michelin starred restaurant called Core by Clare Smyth and another one Michelin starred restaurant called Brat. I also got to travel all around the London food scene including the borough market.

For someone who is thinking doing the course, the advice I would give them would be to research all of the aspects of the course to give them the knowledge of what the course entails. I would also advise them to attend the open day to have a chat with some of the lecturers from the course to get more information

  • L7, TU742, Culinary Arts.  Successful graduates will also be elible through advanced entry or add-on, to progress to Level 7 (BA in Culinary Arts) followed by L8 (BA Honours in Botabical Cusine), each of which builds knowledge, skills and competencies in Cusine, Health and Wellness.
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Higher Certificate in Arts


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