The Fermentation suite can be set up for microbial cell culture and also has microspargers and marine-type impellers for conversion to animal cell culture.  The suite has a 10L capacity, with steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) facilities, a 10L system, and a 2L quad fermentation unit.

All the fermenters have pH, P02, turbidity and off gas analysis which feeds back to a MFCS data handling unit. For downstream processing there is a centrifuge (50L/hr, 11,750 rpm) and a Millipore TFF unit for concentrating down product, depending on the process.

BIOSTAT Cultibag RM 20/50 is a wave technology/disposable bag system for animal cell culture (up to 20L capacity currently and up to 50L with additional equipment).

Solid formulations equipment includes 5 vessels ranging from 250-500L; training instrumentation skid, centrally controlled by a PLC with SCADA interface for the user.

Other equipment includes: