Increasingly Funders will require open access to publications and data as a requirement of funding. Remember that depositing the material in an open access repository may fulfil this requirement. Roarmap (the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies) is a searchable listing of open access mandates and policies adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders that look for deposit in an open access repository. Sherpa Juliet provides a searchable database for funder mandates. Sherpa Romeo provides a searchable database of publishers’ policies on open access.

All UK based research funding councils and most Irish funding bodies have open access mandates or statements on open access in place. These include:

Open Access Statement for Funding Proposal

Required by Science Foundation Ireland, please check your funder for requirements!

In order for authors to retain their rights to share the authors accepted manuscript (AAM) with a CC BY licence without any embargo, SFI’s policy requests grant holders include the following “Rights Retention” statement, on all manuscript submissions to publishers:

‘This publication has emanated from research [conducted with the financial support of/supported in part by a grant from] Science Foundation Ireland under Grant number [ ]. For the purpose of Open Access, the author has applied a CC BY public copyright licence to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission’.

Include this “Rights Retention” text upon submission in either the article submission letter to the publisher or the acknowledgements section.