Module Overview

Pre-Production & Live Performance Workshop 1

This module takes the student through the process of effective live performance, from thorough individual preparation to live ensemble performance. It provides musicians with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in Techniques 1 (DN/MM609), and Styles 1 (DN/MM607).

The Pre-Production Skills component aims to equip musicians with the professional band rehearsal techniques necessary for learning new material, musical part preparation and effective rehearsal methodologies. Tutors will guide students through professional pre-production and memorisation methods, covering the musical arrangement and structure of a given song, as well as the individual parts, tone and feel. Pre-production classes will be taught in individual instrumental groups, followed up by each group coming together to perform within a separate Live Performance Workshop.

The Live Performance Workshop component offers musicians the opportunity to further develop the prepared material to a standard suitable for live performance before an audience. In this class, musicians will be put together into ensemble groups made up of the various disciplines and each group will work towards a fully competent performance. Musicians will be encouraged to develop confident performance techniques, arrangement skills and the interpersonal skills necessary for effective communication, all of which are essential to professional preparation and performance. 

Both of these classes aim to encourage professional attitudes in performance and rehearsal, with close attention to detail in recreating the track in an authentic manner.

N.B. If a track has two guitar parts, guitarists will be expected to learn both.  Similarly, if there are vocal harmony parts, singers should be prepared to learn all parts and drummers should have an awareness of any additional percussion parts and be prepared to play them. All students must be prepared to perform in class each week.

Module Code

MUSG 1005

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Using musical reference material effectively and accurately


How to analyse and rehearse individual musical parts professionally


Playing as an effective unit/ensemble


Understanding of personal/ensemble dynamics in rehearsal and performance


Playing in a controlled manner


Using tempo control aids such as clicks and loops


Listening to other members of the ensemble effectively and communicating on stage


Developing confidence as a stage performer (and learning to control nerves/anxiety)


Reflective practice and analytical skill as they apply to performance


This module will be delivered using a range of methods including: Tutor presentation with audio/visual support, individual work, small group work, tutor/peer feedback and self-reflection, coursework, discussions, tutor demonstration, e-learning through your VLE, independent study and research, personal rehearsal time.


An integral part of the teaching and learning methods used to deliver this module is a system of feedback and self-reflection developed at BIMM. This includes a mixture of peer and tutor feedback, small group feedback teams and written self-reflection.  The aim is to encourage reflective practice, which can then inform a constructive practice regime. Reflection will also focus on the transferable skills employed within each track that can be applied to other performances, including the student’s own original music.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100