Module Overview

Principles of Business

This module is an engaging and up to date introduction to core concepts of management and business. It
provides a solid foundation for gaining the key skills required for business. In addition it familiarizes students
with real world challenges and examples in a contemporary context.

Module Code

ACCF H1017

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Planning & Decision making

Review of organisational architecture. Overview of planning & decisionmaking. Why managers plan. What managers need toknow about strategic planning. How to set goals and develop plans. Contemporary issues in planning. How managers makedecisions. The decision making process. How groups make decisions. Contemporary decision making issues.

Leadership & Trust

Overview of leadership. Who are today's leaders. Trait theories of leadership. Contingency theories of leadership. Exploringleadership and its relevance today. Why trust is the essence of leadership. The use of power and its ramifications for leadership.

Organisational Design & Control

Elements of organisational design. Contingency variables and their effects on structure. Common organisational design formsand design challenges. What control is and why it is important. Why managers control. Control methodologies. The contemporarycontrol issues managers face.

Understanding Groups & Managing Teams

Defining groups. The stages of group development. How groups are turned into effective teams. Current issues faced bymanagers when managing teams.

Motivating & Rewarding Employees

Defining motivation. Overview of motivation theories. How contemporary theories explain motivation. Integrating contemporarymotivation theory. How culture can affect motivation.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100