Module Overview

Advanced Corporate Taxes

The key aim of this module is to enable students to calculate tax liabilities for companies. Dealing with the
exposure of companies to Corporation Tax and Stamp duty including applicable reliefs. It extends the
student's view to group liabilities and reliefs. Revenue audit of companies is also a feature of this module.

Module Code

ACCF H4021

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Indicative Content

Company Residence and related impact Territorial scope of corporation tax; Double taxation releif 10.00%

Calculation of corporation tax & company Capital Gains Tax liabilities Corporation tax calculation and rates of corporation tax, taxation of capital gains, Accounting Periods. Recognition of eligibility rules for reliefs including Capital allowances for Plant and Machinery and Industrial Buildings, Intangibles; Research and Development tax credit; Knowledge Development Box (KDB) CT liabilities of start-up companies including exemptions from corporation tax. Close Company legislation: Meaning of close company, participator, associate, director and control Disadvantage of close company status Treatment of benefits to participators and associates Surcharge on undistributed income 45.00%

Pay and File obligations of Companies Filing requirements, Annual Tax return and surcharges, interest on late payment of tax. Rules applicable to Large and Small companies. 10.00% Company corporate and capital gains tax losses and group relief Relief for company losses and charges Group relief Terminal loss relief Relief for pre-trading expenses 25.00%

Stamp Duty liabilities of companies Situations in which stamp duty is payable and reliefs including group relief 5.00%

Revenue Audit of companies Methods of selection, conduct of audit, penalties and how these can be mitigated. 5.00%

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30