Module Overview

Digital Audio Post Production

This module aims to further consolidate students’ practical experience and theoretical knowledge of digital audio post production and its application across a range of media platforms.

Module Code

AUDO H4002

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Recording Environments

Recording Environment, acoustic signature and signal manipulation, frequency response, modulation and reconfiguring for post-production recreation of alternative acoustic signatures and environment simulation.

Post-Production Editing and Mixing Techniques.

Audio Post-Production Techniques utilising analogue, digital and analogue/digital combinationsMulti-bus routing, theory and application in studio post-production environments; Non-Linear Audio recording, editing, mixing and multitracking.

Post-production Processing.

Post-Production Techniques; graphic and parametric equalisation; 3D spatialisation and surround sound modes; FX processing, reverberation; specific frequency modulation in plate, hall, chamber, chorus, phase FX; flange, pitch, detune, delay; echo, modulation, enhancers, vocal processing; MIDI sample manipulation techniques and practices; Foley recording and production.

Dynamics Processing.

Audio Dynamics; sound envelope, dynamic range and attributes, expansion, gating, compression, ducking, limiting; analogue and digital Audio Dynamics technologies and creative applications in recording and Post-Production; Mastering techniques.


The importance of custom sfx, design principles and the practice of Foley production, creation and utilisation increative audio productions and soundtracks for visual media and game applications.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100