Module Overview

Behavioural Studies

This module aims to introduce the student to the principles of psychology and human behaviour and their application in Marketing.

Module Code

BEHV H1006

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Behavioural Science

The nature of behavioural science, its use in understanding human behaviour and applications in Marketing and Advertising.


The sensation process, perceptual selectivity, perceptual organization, the individual’s perceptual world, internal and external influences of perception, social perception, the application of perceptual theory in Marketing (eg. Logo/brand design, Product Design and advertising)


The Nature and Function of attitudes, Attitudinal components, Sources and development of attitudes, attitude measurement, cognitive dissonance, attitude change. influence of Media and environment


State and trait motivation, importance of drive, motivation theories, Frustration. Influencing motivated behaviour, the effects of learning theory on Motivation, the influence of perception, attitude and previous experience on motivation

Groups and Group Behaviour

Types of Groups: Categories, Structure and development of groups, Conformity, Power and group appeal, The nature of reference groups, group cohesiveness, conflict. "The Herd" mentality

Culture and Sociological factors

Characteristics and components of culture,changes and influences of cultural change, agencies and mechanisms of socialization, norms, roles in society, social class and status, liberalisation of society, the influence of technology on society.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)30
Formal Examination70