Module Overview

Introduction to Biomedical Science

This module provides an introduction to career structure and multi-disciplinary nature of the medical laboratory science profession. It provides an overview of laboratory methods pertaining to Biomedical Science. The student will be introduced to the theory and use of laboratory apparatus and techniques commonly employed in Biomedical laboratories.

The aim of this module is to introduce and familiarise the student with the application of key fundamental laboratory techniques and practices. This module will provide relevant laboratory skills background for subsequent biomedical science programmes.

Module Code

BIOL 1201

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change
  • Outline of the principles, application and maintenance of the following laboratory equipment and instrumentation; Pipettes, Balances, pH meters, Microscope, Spectrophotometer and Centrifuge.
  • Sample preparation, processing and management in the Pathology laboratory.
  • Principles and applications of immune-technology.
  • Good Laboratory Practice and Safety procedures for the Medical laboratory.
  • Quality Assurance – pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical.
  • Introduction to automation in the biomedical science laboratory
  • Scientific Calculations and metrology

    Practical Programme

    • Preparation of standard curve, reagents, control and sample dilutions.
    • Separation and sub-cellular fractionation.
    • Sample handling and knowledge of pre-analytical variables.
    • Pipetting and measurement of accuracy
    • pH and Buffers
    • Use of the microscope, spectrophometer and centrifuges
    • Prepare, stain and examine a blood film

Laboratory practical (22.5 hours) and lectures (13 hours).

Total Teaching Contact Hours:35.5

Total Self-Directed Learning Hours: 64.5

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination40
Other Assessment(s)60