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Professional Practice 4

This module will provide an overview of the professional autonomy and accountability that is required for practice as a Medical Scientist. It will establish where the medical laboratory sits in the healthcare system and how it impacts the healthcare of society and the importance of working with other healthcare providers. It will demonstrate how the principles of quality management are translated into practical tools used by the laboratory on a daily basis. By consolidating the concepts of quality systems, the learner will develop an understanding of how process management and critical evaluation provide a high quality laboratory service ensuring the requirements of the service users are met.

In preparation for employment, the module will incorporate workshops on professional presentation, professional profile and preparation for interview including development of a C.V., job application forms and interview skills.

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BIOL 4001

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Professional Autonomy and accountability

· Legal, ethical and practice boundaries for the Medical Scientist profession

· Candour, disclosure, confidentiality and whistle blowing.

· The legalities around testing and consent and the application of that within the profession of Medical Science.

Communication skills required to work as part of a multidisciplinary team, understand the limits and provision of medical advice to service users and gathering of appropriate information to contribute to advise to service users.

Leadership theories and how to manage conflict as part of working as a team.

Quality Management Systems

· Quality Management System: Definition, Components, ISO Standards

1. Examination Processes (Pre, Exam & Post)

2. Evaluation and Continual Improvement (Complaints, Non conformities, CAPA, Audits, Validation, User Satisfaction)

· Accreditation & Assessing Bodies

· Benefits to Patient/Laboratory & Challenges

· Risk management

· Quality improvement and performance management

The national cancer strategy and how the medical laboratory connects with other areas of sciences and society within the context of health and wellbeing.

Preparation for Employment

· Development of a professional portfolio to evidence professional and personal attributes required as a biomedical science graduate.

· CV completion and interview skills 

The CORU standards of proficiency for Medical Scientists are covered, wholly or in part, in this module within the following domains 1.Professional Autonomy and Accountability (1,2,4,14,15,16), 2.Communication, Collaborative practice and teamwork (5,6,11,12) 3. Safety and Quality (1,8,9,10,12), 4 Professional development (6) and 5. Professional knowledge and skills (17,37) 

Lectures (16hr), workshops (10hr), student-directed learning.

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