Module Overview

Clinical Chemistry 2: Specialist and advanced methods

This module will provide detailed information on the application of specialist and advanced methods in clinical chemistry and will further develop the skills and knowledge gained during previous clinical chemistrymodule(s). Emphasis will be placed on

a) specialist areas and investigations,

b) the role of biochemical results in evidence-based decision making and

c) the investigation of multifactorial diseases.

This module will also discuss the role of technology, automation and informatics in the clinical laboratory.

Module Code

BIOL 4222

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Lecture programme:

  • principles and practice of specialist clinical chemistry which may include, but is not limited to, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, tumour markers, inborn errors of metabolism, clinical chemistry at extremes of age;
  • the appropriate uses and limitations of the clinical biochemistry laboratory;
  • laboratory investigation of complex disorders: test stratification & algorithm development;
  • analysis, evaluation and implementation of a diagnostic test.
  • Key performance indicators of diagnostic test systems
  • Point of Care Testing and connectivity
  • origins, role and evolution of laboratory automation and informatics;
  • implementation of automated solutions (including system design, purchasing, data anagement)

Workshops & Tutorials:

  • The purpose of the workshops is to provide training and know-how in specialist methodology to prepare learners for the specialist practical sessions. The emphasis will be on methodology and analytical problem solving.

Practical Programme

  • The practical programme is centred on advanced or specialist methodology which is in use in clinical chemistry.
  • Learners will visit specialist centres (e.g. Toxicology, Blood Science laboratory).

Lectures 16, Tutorials 4, Laboratory Teaching Sessions 15, Workshops 5 

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination60
Other Assessment(s)40