Module Overview

Exploring Web Design

To familiarise learners with the Internet and the World Wide Web. To develop an understanding of the use of the Internet in research, education and business. To provide learners with the skills to create interesting and effective sites on the WWW. To promote an appreciation of the use of good design techniques in the development of Web Pages. To introduce the student to web authoring tools.

Module Code

BSIT H1023

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

How the World Wide Web (www) works

History of the Internet, browsers;Concept of client/server computing;Internet Service Providers (ISPs);Universal Resource Locators (URLs);The web as a research tool;Social networking;Emerging trends in social networks;

Basics of Web Authoring

Concepts of Text Mark Up;Organising a work space for Web Design;Conceptualise and Research;Create and organise content;Develop the ‘Look and Feel’;Colour schemes;Web page authoring tools;

Learning HTML

The Tag;Assembling a Web Page;Headings and paragraphs;Lists;Web Page Links;Adding Graphics;Finding Images;Backgrounds;Tables;

Styling HTML

The style attribute;Inline CSS styling;Styling text;The box model;Positioning;

Adding Dynamic Content to Webpages

The script tag;Scripting fundamentals;Webpage widgets;Linking Webpages with social networking content;

Web Graphics

Image file formats, Bitmapped versus Vector Graphics; Creating & manipulating images bitmapped editing software; Developing for and integrating images into Webpages

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100