Module Overview

Electronic Business

Module Aims:- Provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of the business and technical issues relating to the implementation of Electronic Business- The students will achieve an appreciation of the business opportunities presented by such technologies- Consolidate the technical skills learned in other courses through appropriate project work- Create an awareness of the importance of security risks and methods that may be employed to overcome those risks- Be capable of evaluating an existing eBusiness - Analyse and design a transactive eBusiness application based on the eBusiness evaluation

Module Code

BSIT H3020

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change


Background and Development of Electronic Business; Human, Cultural and Workplace impact of Electronic Business; Ethics and Privacy Issues; Legal and Security Issues; Global Business Opportunities

Electronic Business Models

Business to Business; Business to Consumer; Consumer to Consumer; Government to Consumer; Business to Business Collaboration; Advertising; Electronic Markets; Information Markets; Portals; Infomediaries

The Technology of Electronic Business

Electronic Business technology; Core network protocols; Agents; IntranetsExtranets; Consumer devices; Three tier architecture

Digital Business Strategy

Strategy/ Supply Chain Management / E-Procurement / Customer Relationship Managment


Cryptography; Secure Socket Layer; Client / Server Security Issues; Analysing Risk; Authentication; Firewalls; Cryptography - Public / Private Keys; Fraud / Hacking

Payment Systems

Role of payment; Smart Cards; Internet payment systems; Online credit card payment; Electronic cash; Micropayments

Transaction Processing

Transactions and Electronic Business; Overview of transaction processing; Client software; Integrating existing systems; Audit; Backup and recovery systems; Implementing transaction processing systems

Digital Business Service Implementation and Optimisation

Keyword Generation / Title tag optimisation / Domain hosting / Creating on-line communities / Google Analytics / Local Search Optimisation

Case Studies in Electronic Business

Reviewed throughout each section of the syllabus

Costs and Benefits of Electronic Business

Project Management; Systems Integration Costs; Trading Partner Liaison; Administrative benefits; Impact on Staffing Levels; Impact on the supply chain

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100