Module Overview

Business Research Methods

The module is taught in an application-oriented fashion employing Socratic Questioning and Problem-based Learning as central instructional methodologies. The main aims of this module are to provide students with; - a detailed understanding of the steps contained in, and the iterative nature of, the research process - a comprehensive appreciation of the specific tasks involved in, and the inherent challenges encountered during, business research - a comprehensive conceptual understanding and practical understanding of quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods - the opportunity to develop critical thinking abilities, critical self-reflection faculties and synthesizing skills in order to enhance their ability to undertake business research projects in a professional and effective manner

Module Code

BSIT H4014

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Business Research

The Purpose and Objectives of Business Research Projects, Research Ethics, Legal Constraints, The Research Process, Writing a Research Proposal, reviewing the Literature, Introduction to the Philosophies of Research, Cooperative Inquiry / Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, Narrative Analysis, Reflexive Methodology

Formulating a Research Problem and Conceptualising a Research Design

Reviewing relevant literature, Formulating and Clarifying the Research Problem, Identifying Variables, Constructing Hypothesis, The Research Design, Selecting a Study Design

Data Collection

Selecting a Data Collection Method, Using Secondary Data, Establishing the Validity and Reliability of a Research Instrument, Collecting Primary Data through Quantitative Methods, Collecting Primary Data using Qualitative Methods, Selecting a Sample, Negotiating Access, Ethical Issues in Data Collection

Data Analysis and Communication of Results

Quality Control and Initial Analysis of Data, Quantitative Data Analysis through SPSS, Hypothesis Testing, Examining Associations: Correlation and Regression, Overview of other Multivariate Techniques, Statistical Tests, Data Handling in SPSS, Analysis of Variance, Correlation and Regression Analysis with SPSS, Qualitative Data Analysis, Coding, Interpretation, Deductive and Inductive Procedures, Methods of Qualitative Analysis.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100