Module Overview

Process Analysis

The purpose of this module is to develop students skills in the techniques involved in the analysis and redesign of business processes.

Module Code

BSIT H4019

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Does IT Really Matter?

A consideration of the issues involved in the misuse of information technology in organisations Why process is the real enabler of change and innovation.

Adaptive Systems

Organisations as Adaptive Systems Levels of performance The process level of performance

Introduction to Business Process Analysis and Management

Measuring process performance; Why measure; Identifying processes; Defining processes; Types of processes; Process based change; Link between process design and Systems development; Stages in process development

Process Analysis

Defining scope; Establishing objectives; Understanding key performance indicators; Defining process boundaries; Gathering process information; Interviews and observation; Determining roles and responsibilities; Identifying inputs, outputs and Process flows

Principles and Tactics for Process Design

Using information systems to rethink processes; Identification of value added content; Streamlining; Customising; IT Systems to support process management; Change management in process redesign


Introduction to the BPMN Modelling notation. The importance of modellingProcess models that aid communication

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100