Module Overview

Applied Media Studies in Business

The aim of the course is to introduce learners to the principles, practices and processes involved in creating authentic, ethical news content in both a public and private context. To review the impact of new digital media on social and business activities, to explore the economic, social and cultural processes implicated in the production, regulation, and consumption of media forms, to assess the role of digital and other technologies in the production, distribution and reception of media forms.

Module Code

BSST H1028

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Television, Radio and New Media forms

Student’s working in teams will demonstrate and identify the benefits of using television, radio, and new media to spread a message. Identify the concepts involved in creating newsworthy content and stories by maintaining relationships and credibility with the media. Evaluate how news and current affairs influence affect current business methods and strategies. Explore how current events and trends can influence and affect the business world of today. 30.00%

News Content Creation

Student’s will explore with critical thinking and team working skills the principles of developing good news worthy and current affairs content, including videos, images, pictures, screen, radio, new media broadcasts, blog posts, content writing and how this can impact on the nature of businesses and how they operate. 20.00%

The role of media in shaping public opinion

Students will analyse how public opinion is being changed and manipulated (climate change, elections), the use of political parties to manipulate the public, manipulation of the media (Trump's election, Russian interference) fake news and its consequence for multinational, medium to small businesses. 10.00%

Careers in the media

The role of journalists and editors, news producers. Journalism in the media. Ethical considerations when almost everyone can be a news producer using today’s technology. How does this affect starting a new business or maintaining an existing one? (People can video virtually anything using their phone as it happens, and become broadcasters themselves). 5.00%

Media industries

Local, national, regional and global dimensions, the print media, the broadcast media, the music & film industries, case studies, regulation and media policy. 5.00%

Marketing and Advertising through the Media

Students will explore the responsibilities and power of advertising, marketing communication mix, targeting the audience, product placement. Identify how traditional and new media can be used to market TV and radio newsworthy stories. Do these these affect the way businesses might marketing and advertise themselves? 10.00%

Production Plan

Overview of production plan structure and layout based on a template. Integration of news topic and current affairs content covered into a coherent production plan. 15.00%

Social Media

Identify current social media newsworthy trends and reflect this news on a number of various social media marketing platforms. How does this affect business making decisions? 5.00%

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)100