Module Overview

Business Law

Module Aims: - To introduce the learner to general concepts and principles of Irish law. - To develop in the learner a discipline of thought through a clear understanding of the logical processes involved in legal reasoning. - To convey a clear understanding of commercial and contract law. - To develop a broad knowledge of intellectual property law. - Introduce students to business and career opportunities in the legal arena - To develop a broad knowledge of civil law in the areas of torts, European law, competition law, and employment law. - To develop in the student a discipline of thought through a clear understanding of the logical processes involved in legal reasoning. - To develop an appreciation of the importance of law to everyday commercial transactions. - To provide the student with the necessary basic research skills to facilitate independent study.

Module Code

BSST H2044

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The Legal System

The nature of law; The classification of law; Principal and secondary sources of law; Common law; Equity; The structure of the Courts,Tribunals of Enquiry The legal profession

Contract Law

The nature, formation and validity of a contract; The terms of a contract; Void and voidable contracts; Privity of contract; Remedies

Commercial Law

Contracts for the sale of goods; Hire purchase and credit sale agreements;The law of agency

Intellectual Property

Patents; Copyright; Trademarks; Industrial Designs; Trade Secrets

The Law of Torts

The nature or tortuous liability; General defences in tort; Capacity; Vicarious liability; Specific torts; negligence, trespass, defamation,inc.Defamation Act 2009, nuisance; Product liability, Liability for Defective Products Act 1991 Occupiers liability Act 1995; Remedies in tort

EU Law

Historical background, political, economic, legal; Sources of EU law; Relationship between EU and domestic law; The institutions of the European Union

Competition Law

Development of competition law; Economic views of competition; Market definition and competition analysis; Main provisions of Irish and EU competition law

Employment Law

The contract of employment - Contracts of service and contracts for services; Statutory and common law rules; Terms and conditions of a contract of employment; Employment legislation - Termination of a contract of employment; Health and Safety, Employment Equality Act, Equal Status Act, Unfair Dismissal Acts

Introduction to Company Law

Legal personality; Formation, Management, Shareholders and Shareholders rights, Directors Duties, Corporate Governance, Winding Up – liquidator, receiver, examiner

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination70
Other Assessment(s)30