Module Overview

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The main aims of this module are to provide the student with:An opportunity to understand the creative process; develop and apply creative skills in a variety of contexts.A comprehensive awareness of the role of creativity and innovation as a key component of organisational and competitive strategy.A team-work philosophy; through a variety of group based tasks, students will learn to unlock creative potential and a range of approaches to defining and solving business problems and opportunities.An appreciation of the nature of entrepreneurship and its role within society.A comprehensive analysis of entrepreneurial theory and an ability to apply appropriate theories to ‘real-life’ entrepreneurs. An opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Module Code

BSST H3039

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Creativity, Innovation & the Individual

Defining creativityMyths surrounding creativityCreative thinking strategies:Barriers to creativityTheories of innovationInnovation versus CreativitySeven Sources of Innovation

Creativity, Innovation and the Group

Nurturing creative team-workDefining groups and teamsThe team development processCreative teams: team inputs, team processesModerators of team performance

Creativity, Innovation & the Organisation

The role of creativity and innovation within the corporate and non-profit sectors Developing organisational creativityBarriers to organisational creativity


The nature of entrepreneurshipThe role of entrepreneurship in societyUnderstanding Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur & Enterprise Development

Entrepreneurial theory

• The Psychological View of the Entrepreneur• Sociological View of the Entrepreneur• Management View of the Entrepreneur• Classical View of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship in Practice

• The Intrapreneur• High Technology Entrepreneurship• Social Entrepreneurship• Women & Entrepreneurship

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100