Module Overview

Project Management

The main aims of this module are to provide learners:- With expertise in the generic techniques and processes involved in Project Management- With an ability to critically evaluate project lifecycles- With the skills to critically assess the specific elements, processes and tools involved in the scoping and conceptual planning of projects.- With the skill to use commercial project management software

Module Code

BSST H4014

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Indicative Syllabus

 Project InitiationDefinition of project characteristics; Project Dimensions; Project Examples; Life Cycles; Process Groups Role of the Project ManagerProject versus Functional Management; Responsibilities of a Project Manager; Career Paths; Acquiring resources; Motivating personnel; Managing obstacles; Communication; Handling stress; Credibility; Ethics and the Project Manager Project Selection Numeric and non-numeric selection methods; Cost Benefit Analysis for project selection; ARR, Payback Period, NPV, IRR Project Planning Plan co-ordination; Work Breakdown Structures; Project Charter; Project Initiation; Scope management; Scope Creep; Hierarchical planning process; Change management Project OrganisationGrowth of project oriented organisations; Organisational guiding principles; Types of project organisation; Pure project organisation; Project as part of the functional organisation; Hybrid structures; Choosing an organisation form; Organising the Project Team Project SchedulingDefining a schedule; Terminology; Network diagrams; Activity-on-Node; Activity-on-Arrow; Critical Path Method; PERT; Float; Scheduling Software Project Risk Management Defining risk; Risk dimensions; Risk Identification, Classification, Mitigation and Management  Earned Value AnalysisCollecting data; Information Needs; Earned Value Analysis; Key measures and indices  Project ClosureVarieties of project closure; Extinction, Addition, Integration, Starvation; When to close a project; The closure process; Why projects fail

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100