Module Overview

Strategic Management 2

Module Aims: - To develop the learner’s ability to analyse, interpret, evaluate, synthesize and communicate business knowledge with an emphasis on inter-functional integration at business level. - To analyse why strategy implementation is crucial, and evaluate how it contributes to an organisation’s competitive advantage. - To develop a range of conceptual and analytical skills that may be applied to company level decision-making. - To encourage learners to see change as an intrinsic part of business and to improve their capacity to deal with it.

Module Code

BSST H4021

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*Curricular information is subject to change

International Strategic Management

International Diversity and International Strategy.Cross-Country Differences in Cultural, Demographic and Market Conditions.Implications of Internationalisation for Competitive Advantage.Market Selection and Entry.The International Value Network.International Diversity and Performance.

Corporate Level Strategy

Product and Market Diversity. Related and Unrelated Diversification. Value Creation and the Corporate Parent. (Portfolio Manager / Synergy Manager / Parental Developer). Managing the Corporate Portfolio. Trends in Portfolio Management

Business Level Strategy

Identifying Strategic Business Units. Basis of Competitive Advantage: "The Strategy Clock". (Price Based Strategies / Differentiation Strategies / Hybrid Strategies). Sustaining Competitive Advantage. Competitive Strategy in Hypercompetitive Conditions. Competition and Collaboration.

Directions and Methods of Development

Directions for Strategy Development.Methods of Strategy Development. Internal Development. Mergers and Acquisitions. Strategic Alliances. Strategic Options for Entering and Competing in Foreign Markets. Success Criteria: (Suitability / Acceptability / Feasibility).

Designing Organisational Structure

Key Challenges in Organising for Success. Structural Types and their Strengths and Weaknesses. Organisational Configurations: Structure, Processes and Relationships. Organising the Multinational Corporation.

Enabling Success / The Learning Organisation

Performance Management and Control Systems. The Balanced Scorecard Approach. Organisational Strategies for Managing People, Information, Finance and Technology. Management of the Learning Organisation

Managing Strategic Change

Diagnosing the Change Situation. Change Management Styles and Roles. Levers for managing Strategic Change.

Teaching will be by way of weekly 2 hour interactive lectures and 1 hour tutorials. The lectures will impart basic knowledge about different strategic models and theories. The lectures and VLE will make suggestions about further reading and examples students may consult as a basis for preparing for the tutorials. The tutorials will involve a variety of activities designed to get the students to apply strategic knowledge to a variety of case studies as a means of assisting them to complete the CAs. Later in the semester this will include the opportunity for 1-2-1 meetings between students and the lecturer to discuss their work. 

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100