Module Overview

German for Business 4b

This module is designed to enable students to draw up a comprehensive business plan in German, to consolidate advanced oral and written language skills and to further students’ understanding of life and society in contemporary German-speaking countries through the study of current affairs.

Module Code

BSST H4029

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

The development of Listening and Speaking skills

Explaining and defending a viewpoint using specialised vocabulary and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of differing options; Interacting with a degree of fluency and spontaneity; Presenting and arguing a business idea.

The development of Reading and Writing skills

Production of clear, accurate and detailed text in the form of a comprehensive business plan; Production of reports and commentaries on contemporary issues, giving reasons in support of or against a particular position.

Business Plan

Drawing up a business plan step by step for an Irish company wishing to set up a business in a German-speaking country: executive summary, business idea, market environment and marketing strategies, company/HR structure, and relevant documentation. Development of oral/aural skills focussing on presenting and arguing a business idea.

Grammar and Structures

Structures will be explained and reinforced as they arise in the context of reading and writing.

Life in contemporary German-speaking countries

Aspects of current affairs in the German-speaking countries will be studied through the use of text, film and Internet resources.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Other Assessment(s)70
Formal Examination30