Module Overview

Service Marketing Management

The module is taught in an application-oriented fashion employing socratic questioning and problem-based learning as central instructional methodologies. The main aims of this module are to provide students with;- a detailed and integrated knowledge of service marketing management concepts, models and frameworks- an in-depth understanding of the challenges encountered in contemporary service marketing management- an extensive knowledge and understanding of the design and implementation dynamics of the service marketing mix.- a critical understanding of service marketing management across a variety of case applications and best practice examples

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BSST H4033

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*Curricular information is subject to change

A Comprehensive Introduction to Service Marketing Management

The Service Economy: National, Regional and Global Dimensions, Defining Service, Classifying Services, The Servuction System Model, The Service Package, The Service Marketing Triangle, The Service Marketing Mix, The Gaps Model of Service Quality: An Overview, The Relationship between Service Quality and Profits, The Cycles of Failure, Success and Mediocrity

Understanding the Service Experience

Consumer Behaviour in Services, The Dramaturgical Metaphor, A Role Theory Perspective on the Service Encounter, Customer Expectations in Services, Customer Perceptions in Services, Listening to Customer through Research, Building Customer Relationships, Complaint Management and Service Recovery

Service Marketing Management

The Service Concept, Service Target Marketing: Service Segmentation, Marketing Targeting and Positioning, Service Relationship Marketing, Service Blueprinting, New Service Development, Managing the Service Value Chain, Service Supply Chain Management, The Service Marketing and Service Quality Information Systems, The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Strategic Service Marketing, External Service Marketing: Making Promises, Integrated Service Marketing Communication and Pricing, The Service Profit Chain, The Service Marketing Plan, Service Branding, Service Culture: The Internal Service Imperative, Managing Internal Service Marketing; Enabling Promises, Interactive Service Marketing; Delivering Promises at the Moment of Truth

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100