Module Overview

Business Project

The research project provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate his / her ability to work independently on a well-defined problem in a coherent, well-organised and critical manner. It should be a critical investigation of a specific organisational or management problem or issue. It requires the student to demonstrate an innovative, academic approach to problem solving.

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BSST H4035

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*Curricular information is subject to change

Introduction to Business Research

The Purpose and Objectives of Business Research Projects, Research Ethics, Legal Constraints, The Research Process, Cooperative Inquiry / Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, Narrative Analysis, Reflexive Methodology

Formulating a Research Problem and Conceptualising a Research Design

Reviewing relevant literature, Formulating and Clarifying the Research Problem, Identifying Variables, Constructing Hypothesis, The Research Design, Selecting a Study Design, The Research Proposal

Data Collection

Selecting a Data Collection Method, Using Secondary Data, Establishing the Validity and Reliability of a Research Instrument, Collecting Primary Data through Observation, Collecting Primary Data using Questionnaires, Collecting Data using Attitudinal Scales, Collecting Primary Data using Qualitative Interviews, Selecting a Sample, Writing a Research Proposal, Negotiating Access, Ethical Issues in Data Collection

Data Analysis

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis; Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Analysis, Types of Data (Categorical and Continuous Measures), Basic Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate Statistics, Introduction to Multivariate Techniques. Introduction to Qualitative Analysis; Approaches to Qualitative Research, The Qualitative Analysis Process (Data Reduction, Data Display), Drawing Conclusions, Credibility and Verification, Ethical Issues


Introduction to SPSS, Basic Statistics for SPSS, Coding Surveys, Entering Data and Building Data Files, Cleaning Data Files, Dealing with Missing Data, Interpreting Results, Analysis of Categorical and Continuous Measures, Choosing Appropriate Statistics, Recoding Data, Dealing with Multiple Responses, Numerical and Graphical Data Representations.

Module Content & Assessment
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Other Assessment(s)100