Module Overview

Technical Graphics for Engineers


This module provides learners with the opportunity to develop draughting and graphical communication skills. Basic technical drawing skills ranging from use of drawing equipment, drawing layout, orthographic projections and interpretation of technical drawings will be presented. These skills will then be utilised and practised in an application-driven manner in the Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) environment. The development of graphical solutions to a range of mechanical/structural loading problems will also be presented. Emphasis on the technical section of the module which will differentiate module from architectural drawing.


The aim of this module is to equip learners with the fundamental toolsets for the interpretation and generation of basic ‘working’ drawings across a range of engineering disciplines. These skills will be further developed in the more discipline-specific modules which the learners will encounter in subsequent stages of their chosen programmes. Learners will be introduced to the CAD environment where skills will be developed in an engineering application-driven manner. Learners will be continually encouraged to communicate their ideas through the media of freehand sketching and CAD throughout the module and not just for the production of the student assignments.

Module Code

CADG 1000

ECTS Credits


*Curricular information is subject to change

Drawing (24 Hours)

Introduction to drawing standards, conventions and equipment.

Orthographic projection: First & Third Angle projection

Terminology and symbols of technical graphics

Isometric projection

Oblique projection

Perspective projection

Sectioning, Dimensioning, and tolerance representation

Free-Hand sketching of engineering objects

Graphical techniques for the solution of simple free body and force diagrams and engineering loading problems on simple trusses.

Application of relevant draughting standards such as ISO 128 and ISO 129.


CAD (24 Hours)

Introduction to CAD software interface

Basic Drawing Set-up Basic Draw Tools

Basic Modify Tools

Layer Manager


Drawing Template (Dimension styles, text styles)

Layout for printing/plotting

The material will be presented to the learners in the form of


Combination of lectures, individual assignments in a drawing office environment, demonstrations using data projector, group discussion, completion of a series of graded CAD exercises, self-directed learning and one-to-one instruction.

Targeted customised reading and reference material which is used by the learner to facilitate self-directed learning.

The practice element includes both individual and supervised peer-based team learning activities.

Open and one-to-one discussion between learners and facilitator/s play a considerable role in the learning process.

Facilitator driven quizzes are used to promote learner engagement.

Targeted learning outcome centred practical exercises are used to facilitate experiential learning and to highlight learning deficits.

Module Content & Assessment
Assessment Breakdown %
Formal Examination50
Other Assessment(s)50